AURA is a tested, evidence based approach which provides data-driven insight into the resilience of individuals, teams and workforces. Accounting for the personal and complex nature of stress, it empowers people to develop focused and relevant strategies for meaningful improvement. Furthermore, AURA’s toolkit of resources and support through training or coaching when needed lays the foundations for sustainable, positive change.

How does it work?

Individuals complete AURA via an online questionnaire and immediately receive a personal report containing their resilience and burnout risk index, a personal profile of signs of stress and resilience across 5 areas and tailored practical action tips.  They also receive access to an online resilience resources library with more than 95 resources which empowers them to explore and develop resilience strategies.

Aggregated and anonymised data is reported through team and company wide reporting to enable targeted actions to build a healthier working environment and guide management interventions. This approach encourages disclosure and enables employers to shine a light on, and pinpoint issues, whilst accounting for the fact that there will be different issues in teams/ countries.

Would you recognise the signs of burnout?

This video illustrates how the Resilient – Burnout Continuum comes to life 

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