Mindfulness is being widely recognised in business as a practical method of enabling employees to become more resilient, to manage stress effectively and to optimise their performance potential.

Lemonkind in Business

Bringing you the latest psychological research in workplace wellbeing and mental health, we offer the following bespoke options, all tailored to your specific organisational needs and delivered by our Occupational Psychologist:

  • Presentations: Ideal for team meetings to introduce mindfulness and to provide targeted content to support your employee wellbeing programmes.
  • Workshops: 1/2 or full day workshops providing staff with knowledge and experiential practice of applying mindfulness at work. These can be tailored to address your team’s particular pressure points, or development areas.
  • Mindfulness Now 8-week courses: Accredited by the British Psychological Society, these courses enable employees to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of mindfulness and the opportunity to make a real difference to their mental health, with weekly practices and progressive learning.

We have a range of pricing options depending on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s requirements and how we can support you to create a happier and healthier workforce.

Lemonkind in Charities

Alongside our work with business, we are proud to support these wonderful charities by providing mindfulness sessions to people going through cancer treatment and recovery.

Useful Resources - Understanding the signs of burnout

In today’s business environments of increased competition and demanding workloads, employees are reporting higher instances of stress and burnout. Our friends at Austen Advisory have developed an innovative tool, ‘AURA’ for individuals and organisations to explore this further, as shown below. 

AURA – Prevent burnout, build resilience

AURA is a tool to measure your resilience level and gain insight into the impact of stress on your wellbeing. Understanding your personal profile enables you to recognise early warning signs of burnout and develop personal strategies to build your resilience.